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Rubasse Customer Review | Hong Kong Zuco Coffee Roaster

624 | 2022-03-15

① Purchase Motivation {NIR Roasting Technology}

The only NIR beans roaster technology worldwide

Fully-automatic conduction and monitor, no manpower needed for charge and discharge

Temperature, damper, roasting speed controlled by one press, flexible 

Fashion and simple design, easy to install and setup

② How Rubasse Machine helps

Recording every batch curve. When roasted repeatedly,  it can produce the same taste thanks to stable quality.

Record computerized, easy to search, read, revise and optimize the curve

Cut down the manpower, making good use of time for all the other work

The full-electric operation, reduce the fuel cost

③ Reasons to Recommend Rubasse

Energy efficacy

Thoughtful after-sales service

Made in Taiwan, reliability guarantee


2019 AICA (Cappuccino, Milk Coffee group) #Silver and Bronze Award Winner

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