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Rubasse Customer Review | Taiwan Hualien Coffee Beans Gallery

446 | 2022-05-17

① Purchase Motivation {Flavor Reproduction}

When I found the machine, I only thought that consistent taste in every batch is a must.

Thus, if we can thoroughly save all the curves, we don’t have to worry about the possibility of quality differences and losing customers! 

② What does Rubasse machine help

Can completely duplicate the perfect roast curve designed by myself. In the case of having heavy-seasoned food or getting cold which can influence the sense of smell and taste, I don’t need to worry about it. The Rubasse machine allows me to roast as usual for flavors.

If customers cannot purchase the beans they want, there are roasteries everywhere, they might seek another roastery.

③ Reasons to Recommend Rubasse

It is challenging for many roastery to survive in the market, one-person operation happens in many stores. If they join the delivery platforms, it would only be busier. Thus, shortening roasting time plus no requirement for staying beside the bean roaster all day can be amazing!

With the machine, we can completely duplicate our own curve and create the same flavor. Meanwhile, it allows us to spend more time communicating with customers to keep the traffic. For those who desire to build up a roastery cafe, Rubasse machines are highly recommended!