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Rubasse Customer Review | Taiwan Hualien Golden Drip Cafe

601 | 2022-05-17

① Purchase Motivation {Cool-looking Appearance, MIT}

First impression of the Rubasse machine was in a random Taipei cafe in 2017, a one-piece bean roaster with a touchscreen. After researching, I found it is an MIT product. 

For the cafe not only selling coffee but also meals, desserts and bread, there are tons of trivia everyday. However, coffee roasting is a highly focus-consuming task. Sometimes, internal and external factors might interrupt the roast. Only when not getting distracted easily can produce good quality coffee. Thus, I could only roast coffee after work.

In the 2020 Taiwan International Coffee Show, I experienced the Rubasse roasting from digitized control, full-auto roast to complete roast curve record and reproduction. That is why I chose Rubasse full-auto bean roaster– saving a lot of roasting time.

② What does Rubasse machine help

Thorough curve records enable us to adjust and improve roasting.

Find the suitable roast curve for each coffee bean, and control the quality.

Fast efficacy can shorten the roasting time for arranging other tasks.

Easier and less effort-consuming to train roasting due to user-friendly and understandable digitized roasting display.

③ Reasons to Recommend Rubasse

All the parts can be diasemmable on our own easily. Machine itself is energy-saving.

If you have questions, online customer service can solve them efficiently.

The regular maintenance of machines is important. Computer will automatically record the number of roasting lots and remind you to clean and maintain.

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