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Rubasse Customer Review | Taiwan Kaohsiung 32 Birds Coffee Roasters

615 | 2022-03-15

① Purchase Motivation {Powerful Functionality}

Rubasse does not pursue price dominance, but high efficiency

Dislike the gas and its heat, I prefer the pure coffee flavor. Searching on the market, I found all the electric-heating shop roasters have a 2kg limitation per batch. Also, others have less efficacy.

Rubasse launched a 3kg fully-auto coffee roaster in 2016. They apply a high penetration NIR heating system. After consulting a few questions about efficacy on the phone, I purchased it immediately. 

② Problem Solved by utilizing Rubasse Machine

Heating and temperature rising can be performed as fast as a supercar.

An exhaust digitized controller can stabilize the roasting.

Annoying silver skin can be taken away through the wind inside.

The efficient cooling system can cool down the coffee beans in 4 minutes to room temperature in the summer. Also, the controllable heating system will not cause heat bursts. 

Since using Rubasse from March 2017, it can always support me to roast up to 10 batches constantly and successfully. The flexibility of coffee flavor can be fresh or abundant. No disliked deep-fried taste happened.

③ Reasons to Recommend Rubasse

It can produce 3 to 4 batches per hour, 30 to 50 bags of half-pound coffee. 8 hours every day can produce up to 240 to 400 bags of half-pound coffee. One Rubasee not only can support 5 to 10 coffee shops’ demand but also can produce small quantities such as 250g.