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Rubasse Customer Review | Taiwan Kaohsiung Cafe Green Shop

705 | 2022-05-17

① Purchase Motivation {Flavor Reproduction}

Different from other roasteries roasting high quantities of coffee at one time, we follow make-to-order production. Thus, there is a high chance to roast duplicate varieties of coffee repeatedly when roasting small amounts. Stability and flavor reproduction for us, therefore, become significant! 

In the past, to make sure every staff roasts the same, it cost us lots of time for training. Not only does training take us lots of effort, but also every roaster has their own ideas, but the same beans with various flavors can also be common.

Rubasse’s fully-automatic mechanism lets us keep the best roast curve, and reappear the condition next time. Also, during roasting, we can still revise the curve. This allows us to train easily, control the flavors, and put less effort into every roasting for multitasking other work.

② Problem Solved by utilizing Rubasse Machine

  1. The reappearance of the roast curve solves the manpower issues such as consistency and less training time.

  2. In the past, fire-control systems cannot be digitized. Applying an electric-powered system has the advantage of cleaner energy, no more water vapor produced, and the immediate data feedback displayed on the screen.

③ Reasons to Recommend Rubasse

We purchased another new Rubasse roaster in 2019, stability and design were upgraded. Some impressive points sharing:

  1. It takes less than 5 minutes to warm up: Reach the balanced container temperature faster, less preparation time for roasting. Also, there are no aromatic taints from preheating.

  2. Waiting time between batch-to-batch is shortened

  3. Every parameter including container temperature, wind temperature, rate of rising, relative humidity, etc, is recorded to the computer in order to reappear and stabilize the condition. Furthermore, there are more specialties including easy saving, roast curve searching, faster beans unloading, and cooling. Every conduction and observation can be acted on instinct from the advanced touch panel. Enrich flavors with clarity and diversity. Overall, this convenient roaster can allow you to experiment with diverse flavors. All I can say is that, once you use this advanced machine, it is difficult to come back to the traditional human-machine interface. Thus, we also recommend Rubasse to future roasters.

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