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Rubasse Customer Review | Taiwan New Taipei David’s Nose Coffee Roasters

813 | 2022-05-17

① Purchase Motivation {Powerful Functionality}

David’s nose is a roastery focusing on specialty raw coffee beans. After visiting the Rubasse founded by Dr. Cheng, I found the powerfulness and completeness of the roaster. Its heating is generated from the NIR lamps in the middle of the drum which can directly heat the beans and penetrate them. Thus, there is a wide range of possibilities and flexibility to conduct light roast, cinnamon roast, and city roast. Furthermore, it can easily solve the problem of uncooked beans. Therefore, I think the Rubasse roaster is worthy to invest in with its dominant functionality.

② How Rubasse Machine helps

Apart from Rubasse’s expertise on heating sources, its automatic compensation systems assist a lot. After the roaster sets up an ideal roast curve, all the curves and factors can be replicated and reproduced via the automatic function. No need for standing beside the bean roasters and checking. The quality and flavor of every batch are stable and the same.

③ Reasons to Recommend Rubasse

With their heating and full-automation function, Rubasse is suitable for producing specialty coffee beans. It is stable and flexible for quantity and quality. Not even worry about enormous orders.

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