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Rubasse Customer Review | Taiwan Taoyuan Neo Cafe

328 | 2022-05-17

① Purchase Motivation

In the era of smartphone and self-driving technology, among all numerous bean roasters that cost less than 1 million, only Rubasse’s control interface and full-auto operations completely meet my expectation of technology.

Compared to other 3 kg model bean roasters with similar prices, only Rubasse performs the actual full automation. 

② How Rubasse machine helps

Seeing that many other roasters prepare lots of tools such as a laptop and timer, and focus on the whole roasting process, it would be extremely exhausting. 

Built-in data and fully automatic mode make roasting no longer an effort-consuming task.

Rubasse can save roast curves and reappear them. This function helps me get started and mass produce fast without experience. I achieved mass production only half a month after installing the machine.

③ Reasons to Recommend Rubasse

Powerful saving and curve reproduction function accurately record data from every lot, making it more convenient to revise the flavor and reproduce better quality. 

Full-auto organizes the roasting well, even for faster mass production.

Computer-aided software such as the wind compensation system, pressure difference and humidity enable us to precisely control qualities. 

Rubasse let roasting not only can be adstractly expressed by senses, but described by senses, data and technology.




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