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Everything you needs to know about RUBASSE coffee roasters in 3 minutes

3556 | 2021-01-05

For what technologies does Rubasse Near-Infrared Digital Coffee Roasters use to overcome insufficient heating power from traditional electric heating, as well as to implement intelligent PID system and automatic roasting?

So we gathered our users' opinions and sum up what advanced features does Rubasse roasters able to assist them on for their coffee roastings and coffee business.

With complete devotion, we aim to provide the most efficient and fully-auto Rubasse coffee roasters in the highest quality segment for coffee shops,roasteries and industrial purposes. Breaking through the difficulties of traditional roasting industry that roasting only can rely on experience and feeling. Rubasse control all roasting process, including exhaust, heat, drum rotation/speed (RPM), and …etc. We develop the linear-parameter design allows roasters to precisely monitor and make every adjustment to improve the success rate of good roasts.

Rubasse Near-Infrared Digital Coffee Roaster