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Introduce Rubasse user in Japan SOT receives high scores on Coffee Review

1994 | 2021-07-23

✨Three cheers for SOT Coffee Roaster, our customer in Japan, receiving 96 point scores on Coffee Review!

🔥This would be a honorable award for both Rubasse and SOT Coffee Roaster, demonstrating the performance of rubasse roasters and the remarkable skill of our user.

🔥Meanwhile, SOT Coffee Roaster receives 94 point scores on Geisha of SongYue from Taiwan. High quality coffee beans could be an essential ingredient in getting high scores; high-performance and stable roasters would be a another vital role for creating good coffee flavors.

🔥Japan,SOT Coffee Roaster 2021 Mar : Colombia CR96

🔥Japan,SOT Coffee Roaster 2021 Mar : Taiwan CR94

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