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2022 World of Coffee (WOC) Milan

265857 | 2022-06-10

The Europe’s largest specialty coffee trade show, WoC, has been postponed twice due to Covid-19. Finally, the 2022 World of Coffee is coming back in Milan on June 23-25.


Venue Location:

MiCo Milano Convention Centre Piazzale Carlo Magno, 1 20149 Milano MI, Italia

Before the show kicks off, let’s see what are some cool features about the world’s first Near-infrared digital coffee roaster.

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The Shop Roasters Revolution

Rubasse,Taiwan’s market leader in fully-auto coffee roasting machines.
The World's First Data-Driven Roaster.
The innovative centered-heating tech - the most efficient and cleanest heat source available for coffee roasting.
Why do we apply Near Infrared halogen? Responsive control over heat application.
Why do we need Profile Compensation? To achieve consistency over time.
Why do we need fully-auto coffee roasters? To achieve the lowest cost per roast.

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